Now working with Proto-PIC

Proto-PICWe are delighted to be working with Proto-PIC online supplier of electronic components and UK distributor for SparkFun Electronics, AdaFruit, Pololu, Seeed Studio, Raspberry Pi, BBC Micro:bit and more. The new BBC Micro:bit is a fantastic system developed by the BBC for use in education aimed at getting kids into electronics, available from Proto-PIC. 

Proto-pic, based in Scotland have a team of skilled personnel on site with a love of electronics, hence they provide free technical support - a team which are fluent in Arduino C can help customers with any aspect of project design, code or assembly. For electronic enthusiasts, what's not to love.

Proto-PIC have brought Zigzag on board to manage their Web Support, Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing.

What our client says...

We are very excited to be working with ZigZag Design.
Although we have only been working together for a short time, [they have] already made huge inroads in developing a new SEO strategy, fixing existing errors that were penalising us, as well as bringing a fresh perspective on how the site should look and operate for the benefit of our customers. We realise this is an ongoing process and we look forward to a long relationship.



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