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Brand Identity

Creating a design that’s unique and captures the essence and individuality of your business, brand or organisation is essential.  Whether that’s to ensure that a new start-up is strategically thought out or to amplify an existing brand and it is no less important in the new age of digital design as it still is for print.  Combining traditional and new media, ensures that ideas and aspirations are captured to meet and exceed client expectations.

We have always found that applying a more strategic view at the start of any project helps the general flow and creativity of the final result. This will help establish what needs to be done and which direction is the most appropriate for each project.

Having established the brand identity whether that is a new brand concept or re-brand, it is important that this is consistent across all other marketing collateral and we recommend that brand guidelines are established to ensure this and especially when using the many different platforms available today, to market a product or service.

Our team specialise in making this happen by offering a digital design service that encompasses all areas:

  • Brand concept
  • Re-brands
  • Digital design
  • Advertisement campaigns
  • Marketing collateral
  • Exhibition stand design
  • Event management
  • Promotional collateral
  • Brochure design and production
  • Signage design and production
  • Packaging design

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