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Website Design FAQs

Some FAQ's regarding our website design & internet services ;

Can we view the design work in progress?

Yes - during the website design and build process we will give you a specific URL where you will be able to view the development of your web pages.

Why do we need a web site?

A website is a 24 hour shop window where people can find information about your company products & services, contact you through it or order your goods online. Not having an internet presence could mean that your customers may be taking their business elsewhere.

We are not looking for E-commerce - can a brochure website still bring us new business?

Websites are an indispensable aid in attracting new custom for growing businesses. They really can save you money in the long run. How much does it costs to send out marketing material to each interested customer or company? Instead, direct them to your website which will contain all the up-to-date information they need. Contact us to find out more about website marketing.

We need advice with our website text - do you provide a copywriting service?

When defining the content of your website it is necessary to ensure that the information is quality content relevant to your potential customers and site visitors. Zigzag will advise and assist in determining the content emphasis of your site. Images, logos & graphics will mould and define the branding & presentation of the website. Website content will always be different for every company - contact us for more information and an initial consultation.

How to choose a Brighton SEO Company .. why Zigzag?

There are many local SEO companies who claim to have top Google results for their clients. Yet how competitive are the search phrases they have gained page 1 results for? Some of our SEO clients directly compete online with household name retailers for their search phrases and are consistently on page 1 for TOP competitive search phrases in their industry. Contact us to find out more about our client SEO results.

Can Social media be embedded into the website?

Yes. Facebook Like / Recommend, Facebook Business page direct feeds, Twitter links and feeds can all be embedded into the website pages. More details here about social media marketing.

How do we set up a Facebook business page?

We can set up a FB Business page for you and embed a direct link or content feed into the website.

Do we need to register our web site with the main search engines?

Zigzag Web Design will submit your web site to the top search engines. However, this alone does not mean that your website will be found. Find out more about website promotion and search engine optimisation.

How will potential customers find our website?

Your site is now finished and live but your customers need to know you are out there. Of course you can include your website address on company literature, business cards and brochures but website promotion in the search engines is of vital importance to attracting new business & enhancing your company profile.

Will the search engines find our website?

In order for a search engine to know your website is on the Internet (and for someone searching on that search engine to find you) your site details must be 'submitted' to that engine. Otherwise your website will effectively remain "Ex-directory". The web pages need to be optimised so that they are search engine friendly. On completion of your website we will submit your site to Google and the all important top search engines.

Can search engine optimisation & promotion really make a difference?

Our clients tell us on a daily basis what a dramatic influence a professional website, fully optimised and promoted through the search engines has had on their business. Find out more about website promotion & marketing.

Can a small business benefit from having a site?

Without a doubt ! A web site, however big or small, with or without E-commerce, is a golden opportunity to profile your business and demonstrate products and services. No business is too small to benefit from the advantages of having an online brochure or selling goods and services online. Can customers find your business on Google Maps? ... if not they may be finding your competitors.

We are unhappy with our existing website, can you help?

If you already have a web site but are unhappy with its design / content / structure / search engine rankings, Zigzag Web Design are able to offer you a web doctor service. All aspects of your site can be assessed and reviewed and we will be happy to advise you and provide a quote based on your requirements.

Our existing website is not being found by the search engines. Can Zigzag help?

Zigzag Design specialise in all aspects of website promotion within the search engines. If your site is not achieving good rankings or listings then contact us & we will be happy to conduct an SEO audit, assess the design, structure & code of your website and recommend a search engine optimisation strategy according to our findings.

Where will the website be hosted?

We will recommend a hosting solution to suit the requirements of your site. Our recommendation depends on the size of your site and the technologies we use withinin its content.

Our company is too busy to 'look after' the website?

We can offer you a package of ongoing website management and maintenance with regular updates, traffic monitoring, search engine marketing and full support. We are committed to our ongoing service to you.

We already have a domain name but no web space?

If your domain name is not attached to any web space (or needs to be moved from an existing web host), this will require us to migrate the name(s) across to the web server. We can facilitate this for you.

What is 'web space'?

Web space refers to the portion of storage space on a web server which contains all of the web pages, images, scripts, databases, emails and other files related to your website. Your domain name is 'attached' to this web space.

Can we have promotional video clips on the website?

Yes. Video clips can be embedded into the website.

Can we find out who is looking at the website?

The Google Analytics web stats facility can be installed on your site and you will be able to log into your Analytics account to view and analyse your website statistics - such as traffic levels and how visitors found your site. If you would like us to maintain your website for you, we can monitor and assess your statistics on your behalf.

Can we update the website ourselves after its completed?

Zigzag Web Design can provide you with a content management solution suitable for your website and your business requirements.

Do you use Flash?

No - Flash is now a depcreated technology.