Mobile Website Design

ZigZag Web Design can offer a mobile optimised version of your website.

With the huge growth of smartphones and tablets which allow mobile access to the internet, it’s essential to have a website which displays properly on mobile devices .

More and more people are accessing the internet via their smartphones or tablets while on the go. If your website is not optimised for display on mobile devices it is probable that people will simply go to another website which is mobile friendly.

ZigZag Web Design can create websites designed specifically for mobile websites so that your business that look great, and display well on mobiles and tablets. 

Advantages of having a mobile Website :
  • To attract a growing and targeted clientele (Mobile users)
  • Increase visibility to those who are near your business
  • Make more accessible the information such as your telephone number, location and opening hours.
  • Have a button click-to-call - One click for your customers to call you.
  • Provide a simplified and faster navigation for your website.
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